How to play Stone Builder

The objective of Stone Builder game is to construct the given structure(s) according to the plan.  The plan is shown on the screen in transparent colors.  You do the construction by pushing and tumbling the stone blocks on the game platform.  Depending on the difficulty level, how much push and tumble is allowed before the stone hits the ground varies.  Easy difficulty level allows 3 tumble and 3 pushes, while the hard difficulty level allows only 1 tumble and 1 push.

Because you are limited by the gravity and the limited push/tumble powers you are given, you need to think before you act in order to put the pieces into correct placement.  Some levels contain multiple puzzles.  There is always a final puzzle that you must solve to complete a level.  But to do that, you may need to solve the other puzzles as well.  The intermediary puzzles usually trigger something in the game-play, like opening a door, dropping a stone into the field, or creating a stairway.  Solving those puzzles unfold the game-play by giving access to previously inaccessible areas, or making some stones movable, or usable in your construction.

Doors may be blocked by other stones, preventing them from moving further.  You should use this feature carefully because letting doors move may have undesired effects like blocking the way of other stones that you need.

Stone Builder supports  both ‘tap’ controls and ‘swipe’ controls.  You can select a stone and click on the tumble and push icons on the left and right side of the screen.  You can also directly swipe on the blocks to push or tumble.  The tutorial screens walk you through the possible gestures that you can do to control the stones by swiping.  Keep in mind there is no such thing as pushing a block upwards.  You must always either tumble to left/right, or push to left/right.

Since there are almost unlimited ways of solving any given puzzle, just use your creativity as well as your logic.  Videos that show one possible way of solving each level will be published over time.  Also, watch for updates because new levels are being cooked and will be available for free with the new updates soon.

Stay tuned!  And don’t forget to review and rate, because we’re constantly improving the game based on use feedback.


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