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Stone Builder 1.4 published on the marketplace

Yet another version of Stone Builder 1.4 is now on the marketplace with 5 brand new levels (36-40) that have a unique gameplay style.  The new levels introduce a new type of puzzle in which there are not enough stone pieces to complete the puzzle!  Guess what you need to do to solve them.  I will publish the trick pretty soon, but I’m just giving some time for the hardcore player and daredevils to take a shot at discovering it themselves 😉

Have fun!


Stone Builder 1.2 publised on the marketplace

Stone Builder 1.2 has just been released on the marketplace. Here’s a list of major updates:

  • 5 challenging bonus puzzles (levels 31-35):  The new puzzles have a lot of contraptions in them to play with.  Beware, these levels are a totally different animal than what you’ve seen before.
  • Undo system optimized:  The game now plays smoothly even in large levels thanks to the new undo buffer that saves the current state after the player finishes a combo move.  So you can push and tumble multiple times without any delays.
  • Jump to next level button.
  • Message display zoom out:  New messages that are displayed are move visible.
  • Link to solutions: (Go to Stats tab and click ‘Go to blog for solutions’).  Direct link to current level’s solution coming soon.
  • Link to suggest improvement:  Now you can directly submit an improvement suggestion within the game.

Solving Stone Builder Level 24

Solving Stone Builder Level 23

Solving Stone Builder Level 22