Stone Builder 1.2 publised on the marketplace

Stone Builder 1.2 has just been released on the marketplace. Here’s a list of major updates:

  • 5 challenging bonus puzzles (levels 31-35):  The new puzzles have a lot of contraptions in them to play with.  Beware, these levels are a totally different animal than what you’ve seen before.
  • Undo system optimized:  The game now plays smoothly even in large levels thanks to the new undo buffer that saves the current state after the player finishes a combo move.  So you can push and tumble multiple times without any delays.
  • Jump to next level button.
  • Message display zoom out:  New messages that are displayed are move visible.
  • Link to solutions: (Go to Stats tab and click ‘Go to blog for solutions’).  Direct link to current level’s solution coming soon.
  • Link to suggest improvement:  Now you can directly submit an improvement suggestion within the game.

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3 responses to “Stone Builder 1.2 publised on the marketplace

  • ShaGGy

    Excellent game and FREE 😀
    I’m stuck on level 33 @ the 3rd door switch ?

    If you like puzzle games download this now you will not be disappointed.

    • omegadot

      Thanks for the comment. I plan to record video for solutions after level 24. For now, here are some tips for level 33:

      The 3rd switch is (left side, big square on small square). To turn this switch on, you must pull out all the big squares on the upper left corner of the map. Don’t leave any of them in the chamber. The trick is to push one of blocks under the door so it can’t fully close. After triggering the first switch, this door will close partially. Then you’ll need to quickly push it to right followed by a quick select and push for the remaining stones in the chamber. Once you take all 3, you can use them to climb up the small stone to where its needed. Hope this helps..

  • ShaGGy

    Thanks for the tip :)can’t believe I did not spot the ones on the left.:-P
    Finally finished level 40 🙂
    Absolutly brilliant game, just noticed on the blog you have released a new one.
    Off to try this one now 🙂

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