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Stone Age (Sequel to Stone Builder) has been published

I’ve been working on this new project since Stone Builder 1.4.  This game uses the same engine with some optimizations to add an action style gameplay.  Stone  Age consists of 3 different game modes each of which delivers a different experience on the same set of levels.  It’s a good combination of puzzle and action that can be played for hours without getting bored.  The game has much richer content including cavemen, UFOs, lasers, and of course boulders, final countdown, explosion, better graphics and sound fx, in-game tutorial and more.

Stone Age Stone Age

Here’s a gameplay video:

Here’s the description:

Become a prehistoric Stone Age Builder and construct transcendental structures using boulders of hundreds of tones.
Experience ancient builders’ ordeal of Sisyphus to reach heights of human soul and intelligence not with the help of gods, but despite them.
Are you up to the challenge of gods?


– 20 leves and more to come
– 3 game modes (mercy, curse, wrath of gods)
– Separate level progress per game mode (effectively 60 levels)
– Jump to any level at any time, come back and continue at any time
– Easy tap style game controls
– Dramatic slow motion action
– Puzzle + action in one game
– Turn on/off sound fx
– In game tutorial
– 2d side scrolling with parallax effect
– Automatic camera follow
– Sleight of hand to do tricky moves
– Relaxed puzzle mode or addictive and intense gameplay
– New levels to come