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Bubble Bump for WP7 published

After two puzzles games, my third game on WP7 is a cool interpretation of the classical bubble shooter games. The flexy bubbles, popping sound fx, the eyes that watch the action and the ability to continue the game when you exit are features that distinguish this game from its competitors. Unlike other bubble shooter games, Bubble Bump has an organic look and feel that creates an almost psychedelic influence on the player. The bubbles have eyes, and they are watching you!

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Here’s the full description:

Bump 3 or more bubbles of the same color and to pop them as they watch the action. Gain points by popping the bubbles and dropping them when they are no longer attached. Bubbles all have eyes that look around as you play. They follow action, blink, bounce, pop, and guard themselves from the nearby pops. 60 levels of addictive action that gradually get more difficult (faster/more colors etc) and give more bonus.


  • 60+ levels of pure fun
  • Gradually increasing difficulty
  • Ability to leave and continue where you left off
  • Global score submit (if offline, save and submit later)
  • High score table
  • Start game at any level