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Bubbly Eyes for iPhone free version has just been released!

iPhone free version of the ultimate bubble shooting game with advanced leaderboards, championship, trophy/award and in-game ranking system. Bump 3 or more bubbles of the same color and to pop them as they watch the action. Gain score by popping the bubbles and dropping them when they are no longer attached. Bubbles all have eyes that look around as you play. They follow action, blink, bounce, pop, and guard themselves from the nearby pops. 4 themes and 60 levels of addictive action that gradually get more difficult (faster/more colors etc) and give more bonus. Global score submit and highscore table. When you are offline, you can submit your highscore later.

– 60+ levels of pure fun
– Gradually increasing difficulty
– Autosave; ability to leave and continue where you left off (never loose game)
– Start game at any level
– Global score submit (if offline, save and submit later)
– Daily/Weekly/Monthly/All Time rankings
– Special exhibit for champions of yesterday, last week and last month
– In-game ranking system shows ranking achieved while playing
– Earn trophies/awards for your daily/weekly/monthly and all time achievements
– All time record breakers awarded immediately
– View other player’s trophies
– Theme system with 5 themes (Abstract, Cute, Nature, Space)
– Live message updates for ongoing daily competition and other important notifications
– All time record breaker gets to put his name on the bubble piston

Download here


Bubbly Eyes for iPhone free version coming coon

I’ve just published the free version to app store. Stay tuned!

Bubbly Eyes for iPhone has been published

Bubbly Eyes paid version is now available on the iPhone app store.  Ad supported free version will follow shortly.  WP7 and iPhone users can compete on the same world-wide championship.  Check out the screen recording: