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My new game Timber Words is finally on wp7 marketplace.  It’s a brand new game, so expect a unique experience.  The gameplay resembles rubic cube, with the exception that, Timber Words is actually played on a board and not a cube.  Call it rubic board.  On a 5×6 board of letters, you slide the rows or columns to make words.  Each level has a minimum letters and words requirement to complete it successfully.  The 3 letter levels are extremely easy, but it’s fun to just keep finding as many words as possible in a fast paced gameplay.  The hardest level 4 words 5 letters will require minutes of gameplay until you solve the puzzle.  As you play you will find useful strategies rather than randomly trying.  It will keep you playing for hours, in a world wide championship.  Timber Words uses the same advanced leaderboards that I have used in my other games.  It also saves your progress automatically, so you never loose your game.TimberWords_1000x800


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