Aliens vs Bubbles

My new game ‘Aliens vs Bubbles’ have been published.  This is a high-speed shooter/survival game.Aliens vs Bubbles



Bubbly Eyes Christmas Edition

It’s a bit late release, but Christmas edition for Bubbly Eyes is now on the marketplace.  All new and shiny bubbles, all new menu UI and an additional christmas background theme.  Happy new year!

Bubbly Eyes Christmas Edition   Download here

New game: ‘Entropy’ just published

  My new game has just been published on the wp7 marketplace.  This game is based on Bubbly Eyes theme and it currently consists of 8 mini games.  I’ll update this game with new minigames in the upcoming weeks.  This game uses the same advanced leaderboards/awards system.  Here’s the list of current set of minigames:

Catch 22,
Pick the Highest,
Bubble Pong,
Pick the Fastest,
Pick the Bubbles,
Howdy Crowdy,
Maxwell’s Demon,
Quirks and Quarks

Have fun!

Bubbly Eyes featured on WP7 marketplace

I’m happy to announce that my latest game Bubbly Eyes have been featured on WP7 marketplace.  Thanks, Microsoft!

Bubbly Eyes Published on WP7 Marketplace!

Finally, my new game is out.  The new bubble game has an advanced leaderboards and awards system that kept me busy for quite some time since Bubble Bump.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Bubbly Eyes will be using the same leaderboards database with Bubble Bump and allow players to compete online and show off their trophies to other players.  In the mean time, I’m working on my next project that’ll use the same infrastructure with all the online feature.

Have fun!

Bubbly Eyes

My new wp7 game Bubbly Eyes will be published sometime this week.  This is the sequel to Bubble Bump.  Bubbly Eyes has an advanced leaderboards system which supports daily, weekly, monthly and all time score tables as well as an unprecidented in-game live ranking system.  The new game also features top 3 champions for last month, week and yesterday.  Players are awarded gold, silver and bronze cups and medals when a championship is complete.  All time record breakers are awarded immediately.  Player awards/trophies are persisted and shared with other players.  The new message notification system informs all players about important events during the day.  The good news for current Bubble Bump fans is that they will see their trophies/awards when they switch to Bubbly Eyes, because it uses the same database and their awards have already been distributed automatically.

Here are some gameplay videos:

Bubble Bump for WP7 published

After two puzzles games, my third game on WP7 is a cool interpretation of the classical bubble shooter games. The flexy bubbles, popping sound fx, the eyes that watch the action and the ability to continue the game when you exit are features that distinguish this game from its competitors. Unlike other bubble shooter games, Bubble Bump has an organic look and feel that creates an almost psychedelic influence on the player. The bubbles have eyes, and they are watching you!

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Here’s the full description:

Bump 3 or more bubbles of the same color and to pop them as they watch the action. Gain points by popping the bubbles and dropping them when they are no longer attached. Bubbles all have eyes that look around as you play. They follow action, blink, bounce, pop, and guard themselves from the nearby pops. 60 levels of addictive action that gradually get more difficult (faster/more colors etc) and give more bonus.


  • 60+ levels of pure fun
  • Gradually increasing difficulty
  • Ability to leave and continue where you left off
  • Global score submit (if offline, save and submit later)
  • High score table
  • Start game at any level